Your first visit 

Your initial appointment will consist of a consultation explaining your diagnosis and treatment options. Surgery can sometimes be

done the same day as the consultation. A complex medical history or treatment plan may require an evaluation and a second appointment to provide treatment on another day.

Dos and don'ts 

About Anesthesia

We highly recommend you consider going to sleep for your surgery, especially if you are nervous or the surgery is involved. You will have a much more pleasant experience. Please follow exactly the preoperative instructions if you are going to sleep.

Depending on your health we offer anywhere from twilight sleep to full sleep. We also offer nitrous oxide. The anesthetic is administered through an intravenous line. Your blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, oxygen levels, and breathing are constantly monitored while you are asleep.

If you are going to sleep for your surgery you will need to fast by taking nothing by mouth for eight hours before the appointment. You will need someone to come with you and drive you home. This person must wait during your surgery. They must be physically present in the office. They cannot be called to pick you up.

Please be on time


We try to run our office on time. If you are late, we cannot. If you are significantly late your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Health History


Please bring your x-rays and referral slip if you have them. Please bring a list of your medications and know your health history. If you have any medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, or diabetes please let us know. You may require special instructions. If you take prescribed medications from a physician please let us know as well. Again, you may need special instructions.

Please have all your insurance information.


Do not put your fingers in your mouth or remove your gauze until you get home. If you do, you contaminate everything you then touch with your blood. You could have an unknown disease and infect others. Please do not touch anything in the treatment rooms. This goes for anyone with you such as children, etc. Equipment is expensive and the rooms are sanitary.

See below for more Patient Need-to-Knows:S

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Michael J. Grau DMD, PSC complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

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We are committed to continuously improving access to our goods and services by individuals with disabilities. If you are unable to use any aspect of this website because of a disability, please call 513-321-9267 and we will provide you with prompt personalized assistance.

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We will take reasonable steps to provide free-of-charge language assistance services to people who speak languages we are likely to hear in our practice and who don’t speak English well enough to talk to us about the dental care we are providing.

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